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Welcome to the Teacher Rosource page. I hope you'll find information you can use here. This page will be ever-expanding. Please feel free to suggest links that are some of your favorites.


"Students who read more, read better."
Jeff McQuillan, The Literacy Crisis , 1998
Free Voluntary Reading: (Also known as SSR, DEAR Time)

Make it a part of your daily routine. Encourage students to select their own reading material and to get comfortable while reading. Encourage students to read books within their comfort range or above as well as non-book materials such as magazines and newspapers. Make sure you spend part of the time reading as well, not grading papers or changing the bulletin board. Why not invite an administrator to drop in and join you one day?

After the reading time, try pairing students up to discuss what they are reading. They'll recommend books to each other while adding accountability to the time.

Independent Reading

Promote reading at home, at least 30 minutes a day. Provide students and parents with specific reading assignments including free reading. Give homework assignments linked to classwork that involve reading to or with family members. Think of other types of reading at home such as following a recipe with Mom or reading directions for a craft project with brothers and sister.

Field Trip

How about a field trip to the public library this fall? This is a perfect opportunity to ensure that our kinders and students new to the district are familiar with this wonderful resource and to ensure that every student has their own library card. Make it a family day by inviting parents to join your class on the trip.

Perhaps a visit to a local book store or the U.C. Santa Cruz library might be interesting. Most colleges have outreach programs and will be glad to schedule a tour for your students.
Read Aloud:

Students are never too old to be read to. Be they in kindergarten or 5th grade, all students love a good story. Incorporate read-alouds into ALL curriculum areas. Need some ideas? Check out this list of multicultural book from the Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and drop by the library. http://www.education.wisc.edu/ccbc/books/detailListBooks.asp?idBookLists=42

Book Buddies:

Try a "book buddy" system, pairing your students with partners in a buddy class for extended reading time. This can build the skills of both learners as it boosts their motivation to read. More ideas like this can be found at: America Reads.
One-on-One Reading:

Find ways to increase one-on-one reading between students and adults. Recruit parents, grandparents, students from UCSC, Mission Hill or the high school. Make one-on-one reading an integral part of your schedule for aides and foster grandparents.
Lit Study Groups:

When you have a wide disparity of reading levels in the classroom, Core Lit may not work. Try choosing several books with a similar topic or theme, but different reading levels.

Send Them Over!

Do not limit your students to weekly library visits. Please feel free to send individual students or small groups over to the library to return or check out books whenever convenient, but not during SSR! That is what classroom libraries are for. Remind your students that if another class is in the library, they need to be considerate. Encourage students to come by the library during recess and lunch. When the librarian is on site they are also welcome to come in before or after school. We'd love to see them visit several times a week.

Reading, Writing, and Math Resources

Baharona Center: Isabel Schon's site, Baharona Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents , is connected with California State University San Marcos. The Center promotes literacy in both English and Spanish and strives to inform current and future educaors about "books centered around Latino people and culture and about books in Spanish and their value in education of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking children and adolescents."

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site: Visit Carol's site for great literature connections to different areas of the curriculum. If you see a title you's like, and we don't have it in the library, let us know. We can probably get it for you!
Doucette Index Visit this site, type in a book or author you're interested in, and voila! On-line resources available to you.
Great Books The official site for Great Books. If you haven't looked at it, take a few minutes!

Math Solutions Marilyn Burns' site. Check out her list of recommended literature for math lessons.
Noyce Foundation The folks behind the Silicon Valley Math initiative and the Every Child a Reader and Writer initiative. Lots of resources available here, but some is password protected. See Ms Miller, Ms Smith, or Mr. Curley for user name & password.
6+1 Trait® Writing The official site for the 6+1 Trait writing program.

Technology in the Classroom

Ed1Stop Our County Office of Ed's one-stop teacher resource page. Log in with your user name and password. You'll be linked to Learning League, Discovery Education, Grollier Online, California Standards and Benchmarks, and more.
The Learning Page The Library of Congress has an amazing amount of material, documents, and photos, cataloged and on-line for teachers to use. Check it out.

The Exploratorium Great science on-line. Talk to scientists, view Webcam activities, plus good lesson plans, experiments, science fair advice, and more!
The Global Schoolhouse Lots of online collaborative learning projects for your class. Connect your class with students from around the world. Try out GeoGame or CyberFair.
Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections Bring classroom pen pals into the 21st century and teach technology skills at the same time. What a great interactive way to encourage student literacy!
NASA Quest: Remember the excitement of the first space flights and man walking on the moon? Join an online interactive project with NASA scientists, and give your students a taste of real science at work.
United Nations Cyber School Bus Students around the world join together on projects through this site. Some fun quizes about flags of the world, water, and more.
Bernie Dodge, the guru of the Webquest, has put together this site to share the best of the best. What exactly is a Webquest? Try this link and find out.

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