Chromebooks in the Classroom

Did you know that Westlake has 250 Chromebooks?  

Did you know that Westlake needs another 130 Chromebooks to meet its goals?

Westlake's goal is to have a chromebook for every 3rd-5th grader, 8 per 1st-2nd grade classroom, and a cart of 24 for K-2 classes to use as needed.  A chromebook costs around $225 with the management license required.  

You can support our Chromebooks in the Classroom Campaign directly.  You can buy a chromebook for your child's classroom here:


Some of our teachers have started projects with Donor's Choose, a philanthropic crowd source fundraising organization.  Right now Donor's Choose has a dollar for dollar matching funds campaign.  Click on one of the links below to support our teachers and help us get to our goal!

Ms. Lenz’s First Graders
Ms. McGlashan’s Kindergartners and First Graders
Ms. D’Antonio’s Intervention and Enrichment Programs

You can also donate directly to the PTA.  Let them know you want your donation to support Chromebooks in the Classroom.