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Agriculture Art/Architecture Animals


    • Brussels Sprouts
      Learn all about one of Santa Cruz' most inportant crops.


    • ArchKIDecture
      This is a great site for kids intersted in exploring architecture.
    • American Art
      Explore a database of American artists. You will be able to read biographies and look at individual paintings. Sponsored by the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. Check out "Ask Joan of Art!"
    • Art Safari
      New York's Museum of Modern Art has this site that helps students think more deeply about art. Make sure you check ou the, "make your own artork" section. Good family art activity.
    • The Artists'Toolkit
      Explore color, positive and negative space, symmetry and more! This great site is sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
    • Building Big!
      Learn all about big buildings and structures. Then try your own hand at building skyscrapers, bridges, domes and other structures. From PBS and David Maccaulay.


    • Animal Adaptations
      Visit this site and really think about how animals are adapted to the habitat where they live.

  • Animal Diversity Web
    Good site from the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. Students may need assistance, however. This was NOT written for young students.
  • Animal Index - National Zoo
    Did you know that we have a National Zoo in Washington, DC? Over 2,700 different species live there. The web site has information on many of them. Don't miss the webcams!
  • California Animals - a hot list
    Is your animal a California native? Check here. This site was put together by a local teacher.
  • Desert Animals & Wildlife
    Good site for coyotes, jack rabbits, lots of lizards, snakes, and other desert dwellers.
  • Kratt's Creatures: Creature World
    Animals of the world. Click on the world map. From PBS, this site is better for browsing and exploring than research.
  • Oakland Zoo - Animals A to Z
    Our local zoo in Oakland is a wonderful resource to visit online or in person.
  • San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes
    One of the best zoos in America is the San Diego Zoo. Good research site, and there are pop-up windows to help you with new vocabulary words!



    • All About Birds
      This site, from KidZone, is a great way to start learning about our feathered friends!
    • Audubon: Birds and Science
      Named for John James Audubon, the Audubon Society's goal is to protect our natural heritage. They also have lots of information about birds!
Critters of Elkhorn Slough
Find out about some of the birds that live or visit right here in the Monterey Bay area!
Journey North Hummingbirds
Journey North is a global study of wildlife migration. Check out all the information they have about hummingbirds!
    • KidsClick Birds!
      KidsClick has links to dozens of great sites about birds. Explore and have fun! and search for "birds"


Chemistry Colonial America


    • Element Research
      This list of links for chemistry and elements was put together by 5th grade students at Glorietta.

Colonial America

    • Colonial America (1492 - 1763 (All Groups)
      The Library of Congress has a collection of short stories and articles about Colonial America. All of the stories are illustrated with primary sources including paintings, drawings, and documents..
    • Colonial Kids (Pennsylvania - Middle)
      This Thinkquest site was created by six 4th and 5th graders. Their information about kids during Colonial times is wonderfu!
    • A Colonial Family and Community (Connecticut - New England)
      Follow the directions on this site to learn about a family from northeastern Connecticut. Short movie clips, pictures, interviews with docents, and interesting articles. From the Henry Ford Museum. Don't forget that the photos and movies are done with actors!


Energy Explorers-California Explorers of the World


    • Energy Kids
      Ms Diebert recommends this site. It's from the Department of Energy, part of the U.S. Government!

Explorers - California

    • Zoom Explorers
      Excellent database of explorer biographies. Some have more than others, but there is something here for pretty much everyone.
    • Juan Cabrillo
      Good biography of Cabrillo. From the U.S. Department of the Interior
    • Juan
      Biography of Juan Cabrillo from the National Park Service.
    • Juan Cabrillo
      Biography written for students from Gold Ridge School in Rohnert Park
    • Juan Bautista de Anza
      Biography written for students from Gold Ridge School in Rohnert Park
    • Gaspar de Portola
      Biography written for students from Gold Ridge School in Rohnert Park
    • Sir Francis Drake
      Biography written for students from Gold Ridge School in Rohnert Park
    • Sebastian Vizcaino
      Bio written for students at Gold Ridge School in Rohnert Park
    • Sebastian Vizcaino
      From the San Diego Historical Society. Biography of Vizcaino

Explorers of the World

    • Zoom Explorers
      Excellent database of explorer biographies. Some have more than others, but there is something here for pretty much everyone.
    • Amerigo Vespucci
      A nice biography written by an author and geographer, Matt Rosenberg.



    • Edugames
      Check out this site for lots of fun games. Like Mad Libs? Try the Wacky Web Tales. Power Proofreading is pretty fun, also.
    • Grammar Practice Park
      Games with grammar? You bet! Try Plural Play in the Grade Four section. Check out this site. Games for grades 3 - 5.
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    • Information Sheets
      This information was written for elementary teachers by the University of Arizona center for Insect Science. Good inormation with parental help.
    • Insect printouts -
      Child friendly pages to print out. Includes some diagrams to color and basic information. Adult assistance will still be required for navigation, printing, and some of the information.
    • Koday's Kids Amazing Insects
      Put together by an elementary computer teacher and her students. Pictures, facts, and more. Better with some parental assistance.
    • Let's Talk About Insects
      Child friendly introduction to insects. Put together for children by the University of Illinois Extension.
    • Zoobooks - The Encyclopedia of Animals
      From the makers of Zoobooks magazines. Click the icons at the bottom of the page for general insect info.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • The King Center
      Established in 1968 by Coretta Scott King, The King Center is the official, living memorial dedicated to the advancement of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., leader of America’s greatest nonviolent movement for justice, equality and peace.