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Maps and Atlases

  • Atlapedia Online
    Go here for full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. 
  • Earth Viewer
    With this site you can view either a map of the Earth showing the day and night regions at this moment, or view the Earth from the Sun, the Moon, above any location you select based on latitude and longitude and more! This site is produced by Fourmilab of Switzerland.
  • Google Maps
    The online version of Google Earth. You can find a road map or look at satelite photos of the Earth!
  • Map Machine Atlas
    This site includes political and physical maps, flags, facts, and country profiles. From National Geographic.
  • Maps
    Professor David J. Leveson from Brooklyn College put this informationl site together.
  • Maps That Teach
    A really fun site for learning continents, states, and even features of the U.S.
  • Play Kids Games
    Scroll down the list of games until you see all the map games!


  • AAA Math
    Use this site to practice basic math skills. You can search by skill or by grade level.
  • A + Math
    Another site with some fun math games. Enjoy!
  • Brain Boosters
    Discovery School has lots of fun puzzles and challenges for you. Go for it!
  • Cool Math
    This site is fully interactive and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play math-related games and explore new math concepts.
    Remember, it is a .com site, so don't click on the ads.

  • Math Playground
    Practice your math skills, play a logic game, and have some fun!
  • Maths Is Fun
    Check out this fun site. Did you know there are lots of different maths?
    This is a very good place to practice your multiplication facts and have fun at the same time!

Missions - California - General

    • California Missions
      This site has information on all the missions. A good starting place.
    • California Missions - Contacting
      If you would like to visit a mission, know when it is open, and so forth, this is the site for you. Please note that not all the links from this page are good.
    • Mission Tours
      This is a fun site with one person's own photos of the missions he has visited. He has recently added in links to Google maps of some of the missions.
    • My Mission
      This site is run by a non-profit group who's goal is to support the preservation of California's missions. There is lots of interersting information in this "cyber museum."

Missions - California - Individual

  • Carmel Mission/San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo
    A nice site. The 4th Grade Corner is perfect for report information.
  • Purisima Mission
    Wonderful information on the mission. Be sure to check out the Picture Tour and the section written just for 4th graders!
  • San Antonio de Padua Mission
    This site has been created by a collection of non-profit groups from near the mission including the Salinan Indian Nation!
  • San Buenaventura Mission
    A complete history of the mission. If you don't know what a word means, click it. They help you with the vocabulary.
  • San Diego de Alcala Mission
    Read the Mission History, then visit the Fourth Grade Information. The Interesting Facts has some fun items.
  • San Francisco de Asis
    Lots of history and information on the buildings. Follow the trail.
  • San Francisco de Solano/Sonoma Mission
    A quick overview about the mission. They have links to help with vocabulary and also help you write your bibliography. Also try this page from the Napa area for a short history of the mission.
  • San Gabriel Archangel Mission
    A quick overview about the mission. They have links to help with vocabulary and also help you write your bibliography.
  • San Jose Mission(in Fremont)
    A quick overview about the mission. They have links to help with vocabulary and also help you write your bibliography.
  • San Juan Bautista Mission
    A nice history of the mission. Click on Links to find other information.
  • San Juan Capistrano
    The church's official site. Go to the history section.
  • San Luis Obispo Mission
    A history of the mission form the church's web site.
  • San Miguel Archangel Mission
    Mission San Miguel suffered severe damage in an earthquake in 2003. However, their website still is running, and it has a very complete history section. The online tour and the information about the Salinan Tribe are both very useful.
  • San Rafael Mission
    A quick overview about the mission. They have links to help with vocabulary and also help you write your bibliography.
  • Santa Barbara Mission
    A very complete history of the Mission.
  • Santa Clara Mission
    Santa Clara Mission is in the middle of a college campus today! This is Santa Clara University's mission page. Click on Mission History for more information.
  • Santa Cruz Mission
    Santa Cruz Mission has a fun site. Click on the bell that says Mission Santa Cruz for lots of information. You can minimize the ads on the right hand side.
  • Santa Ines Mission
    This is a very nice site! Lots of links to visit. Make sure you watch the slide show. Be patient while it loads.
  • Soledad Mission
    This mission, whose full name is Mission Nuestra Senora Dolorosisima de la Soledad, is nothing but ruins now. Read its history from the Monterey County Historical Society.


  • DSO Kids
    Do you like music? This fun site is from the dallas Symphony Orchistra. Learn about composers, listen to different instruments, and try some fun games and activities.  


Native Americans - California

  • Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe
    Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Indian Tribe, part of the group also refered to as Ohlone, have put together a site with lots of information about the tribe's culture and history.
  • The First Californians: Native Cultures
    California Historical Society brings you this information as part of California History Online.
  • 500 Nations - California
    This is a wonderful site with links to many of California's tribal websites as well as links to museums, parks and other place where you can learn more about California's first people.The
  • Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation
    This site was developed by members of the Ohlone tribe whose ancestors came from villages that were located near moderrn day Watsonvile, Monterey, and Salinas.
  • Ohlone Project for Kids
    This site was put together by students at Natural Bridges a few years ago.

Native Americans - General

  • Cultures of North America
    Minnesota State University has an online museum. This page has links to brief informational pages about dozens of tribes.
  • Native Americans
    This private site has some good information on different tribes including Cherokee, Crow, Iroquois, and Mohawk. Remember, this is an individual person's site, so evaluate the information carefully.
  • Native Visions of the Natural World
    This site looks at the four main tribal regions of the US; The Woodland tribes of the Northeast (Iroquois), Southwestern tribes (Hopi), Plains Indians (Lakota) , and the NorthWestern Tribes (Tlingit). A good starting place from a reliable source, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Native Americans - Individual Tribes

  • Cherokee History
    This tribe was originally loacated on the Central East Coast. There is a lot if information here. Skim and scan for what you need.
  • History of the Cherokee
    This site was put together by a member of the Cherokee Nation. Some excellent information.
  • Creek Indians
    Brief history of the Creek tribe. Site is from Minnesota State University's e-museum.
  • The Creek nation - North Georgia's American Indians
    This site gives very good information about the tribes that were part of the Creek Confederacy in the Southeastern US. Be careful not to click on the ads!
  • Iroquois History
    A lot of information hereabout the Iroquois Nation from the Northeast. Scroll down and read the section headings. Or, use the Edit - Find menu to search for a key word on the page.
  • Penacook History
    This tribe lived near Ms Smith's home hown in New England. Scan the headings for information you are interested in.
  • Seminole
    Brief history of the Seminole tribe. Site is from Minnesota State University's e-museum.
  • Seminole Tribe of Florida
    This is the official site of the Seminole Tribe. An excellent resource with links that will give you the tribe's history, cultural inforation, maps, pictures, and more.


The Olympics

  • The International Olympic Committee
    This is the site of the international group that runs all the Olympics. Do you know when and where the next Winter Olympics will be held? Learn that an so much more!
  • The U.S. Olympic Team
    The US Olympic Team is the group that supports all the American athletes. They work year-round working with skaters, track athletes, basketball and soccer players, and all the other athletes training for the chance to win gold. Check out their pages to learn about America's ambassador athletes.
  • Vancouver 2010
    Head north to Vancouver, Canada for the 2010 Winer Olympics.



  • The Great Plant Escape
    Help Detective LepLant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life!  
  • The Plant Explorer
    This cool site is from the United Kingdom!  


  • Poetry with Jack Prelutsky
    Explore the world of poetry with America's Children Poet Laureate, Jack Prelutsky.  
  • Poetry with Shel Silverstein
    A wonderful site dedecated to the author of A Light in the Attic, Where the Sidewalk Ends, The Giving Tree and more. You can even listen to Shel, who passed away in 1999, read some of his poems!  



  • Reptiles
    This a a great place to go to learn about lots of different reptiles. From national Geographic!
  • Oakland Zoo - Reptiles
    Oakland has a wonderful zoo, and the Zoo has a great website! Learn all about your favorite reptile.


Santa Cruz County

  • Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks
    We are so lucky to have so many parks available to visit right near by. This site tells you about some of the state parks.
  • Santa Cruz Circle Trail
    This site is fun. There are trails for hiking that go all over town. This site shows you some of the cool places you can stop and visit.
  • Santa Cruz City
    Did you know Santa Cruz had its own official web site? Find out all about your home town.
  • Santa Cruz Conference and Visitors Council
    Some people come to santa Cruz on vaction. This site has lots of information for them and for us!
  • Santa Cruz County Fair
    The official website of our annual County Fair!
  • Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History
    Have you ever climbed on the big whale statue in front of this museum? What fun events are happening this month?


The 50 States

  • The Nifty Fifty States
    Julie Foster, an elementary teacher put this list of states sites for her students and you! A good place to look.
  • State Report Information
    Multnomah County's librarians always put together great resources. This list of links is another great resource.
  • States and Capitals
    There are a lot of facts available here, but there are also ads. This is a commercial site, so think about what you're clicking on! Good for hotels and so forth, but maybe not he bast for the basic facts.



    • The First Thanksgiving
      A wonderful Thanksgiving resource from Scholastic!



      • EEK! - Round & Round It Goes
        Learn all about the water cycle from this site from Wisconsin's Dept. of Natural Resources. See how well you can do on the quiz.
      • Loch Lomond Reservoir
        Learn about our local reservoir. It supplies our drinking water, and is a place to have fun as well!  
      • Thirstin's Water Cycle
        This cool site comes from the Environmental Protection Agency, part of the U.S. Government. The movies will help explain the water cycle.

Women's History

      • About Women's History
        This is a wonderful jumping off point for researching famous (and not-so-famous) women. From the main page, look for "Essentials." Under "Notable Women," click for biographies or, if you'd like to search for quotes, choose "quotations by notable women."
      • Distinguished Women
        Lots and lots of women's biographies listed here! A few links are no longer good.
      • NASA Quest - Women of NASA
        Interested in learning about American women involved in NASA and space travel? Try this site. You might even be able to join in a live chat with a NASA scientist or astronaut!
      • National Women's Hall of Fame
        This site is exactly what it sounds like. Great American women are recognized in the Hall of Fame in Seneca, NY. Search by person's name.
      • National Women's History Project
        The official site for the National Women's History Project.
      • Scholastic - Research Tools - Women's History
        Scholastic Books has a great research site! Lots of general information as well as biographies of lots of wonderful women!
      • Senator Barbara Boxer/California : Women's History Month
        Senator Boxer has a great web site with a wonderful resource for Women's History month. Try the quiz!
      • Who Was She? Biographies of Women Authors
        Ms Branch put together this web page with links to information about women authors. We have print resources, either biographies or collective biographies, for all the women on the web page.