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CS Survey for 5th Graders in English

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Online Reference and Study Help

These links will take you to an encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesaurus, almanacs,
and help you use the Big 6 as a research method.
Use the buttons to visit homework help sites, libraries, and museums.

Library Catalog - See what resources are available in the library.

World Book Online - Ask your librarian for the login

​Fun spelling and vocabulary games


Homework Help

Multnomah County Homework Center
National Geographic Homework Page
NCES Classroom
Kids' Place


Santa Cruz County Libraries - Kids'Page
Library of Congress
San Francisco Public Library
San Jose Public Library


American Museum of Natural History
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Baseball Hall of Fame
Fine Arts of S.F.
Smithsonian Museum
Tech Museum of Innovation

Security Measure

Directories and Search Engines

IPL Kidspace, KidsClick, and CERF are directories of sites selected by teachers and librarians.
Much of the work of choosing good sites for kids has already been done for you.
Google and Kid's Search Tools are search engines.
They will search the Internet for sites, but not all will be appropriate for kids.

IPL Kidspace
IPL KidspaceA Search Directory
Kids Click
A Search Directory
Kids Click
A Search Directory
A Search Engine!
Kid's Search Tools
This site is great. It lets you choose from lots of search engines.

Cool Science Places

Childrens Discovery Museum
Children's Discovery Museum : The Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose has some very cool online exhibits. Click on Zoomer to learn about waterways, electriciy, and even sign language! You do not need to register to use the site.
Discovery School
The Discovery Channel: How about some neat science information? Visit the Discovery Channel's web page for great stuff! You can get some wonderful science fair ideas, try the Geo Game, or learn about penguins!
The Exploratorium: The home of Bubbleology, San Francisco's Exploratorium is a great place to visit. Be sure to check out the science fair ideas. Or, perhaps you'd be interested in exploring Antarctica with a group of scientists! How about learning about the science of skateboarding?
Foss Web
  Want to make your own Snowflakes? This site, is just for fun. But be careful, you might learn some geometry while playing with it.
 Time For Kids
Time For Kids magazine has a great web site. You can check in on current news, get homework help, and play some fun games! There is also a cool spooky schoolhouse section. Check it out, if you dare! 
Fun site to help you practice math facts and spelling. You don't need to use the log-in. Be patient. It takes a while for some games to load, and you'll need to refresh the game selection page when you use the back key.