Safe Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Westlake School works in partnership with parents to ensure that allstudents safely arrive and depart from school.  Our Volunteer CurbAssistants help students in and out of vehicles with their belongingsand effectively move vehicles out of the drop-off and pick-up zone.

The Westlake parking lot is for the exclusive use of school personnel. The only parking spots available to parents and guardians are the four24-minute green zone parking spots, which are to be used for short-termuse.  Drivers with a disability placard may park in one of the two bluezone parking spots.


  • Drop off in the WHITE zone only.
  • No parking or stopping allowed in the RED fire lane – emergency vehicles only.
  • Do not park or stop in the YELLOW school bus zone.



  • Wait off campus until students are dismissed. Do not wait in the white or red zones.
  • Pick up primary students and wait off campus for upper grade students to be dismissed.
  • Observe and obey all traffic safety instructions from safety personnel at the school.
  • Do not exit your vehicle during drop-off or pick-up.
  • There is no parking in the Westlake parking lot for families.
  • All parking at Peace United Church, 900 High St. (next door to Westlake), is by permit only.  Anyone parking there without a permit is subject to immediate towing.
  • Do not use the church parking lot or exit lane as a drop-off zone.  Stopping unexpectedly in the exit lane at the church creates an unsafe environment for children walking to school.
  • Parking is available on neighboring streets for up to 2 hours.